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ARMD.HQ was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering the largest range of supplements, clothing and accessories at the most competitive prices. But more than that, we wanted to achieve this while offering an unrivalled level of customer service with the most up to date knowledge and advice.

ARMD has modest beginnings when it first began. We started off with relatively little stock and a small shop because we didn't have much startup money. But what we lacked in size, we more than made up for by prioritising client happiness and fostering a warm, welcoming environment. We quickly outgrown our initial shop and had to relocate to a larger warehouse-style business. in order to fulfil one of our key goals of providing a broader and more extensive choice of the best supplements at the most aggressive pricing, as well as to satisfy the expectations of our customer base. Our store now offers one of Australia's broadest selections of vitamins, apparel, and accessories.


Our store now offers one of Australia's broadest selections of vitamins, apparel, and accessories. You won't want anything if we don't stock it.

Additionally, every member of the ARMD staff is actively involved in the industry and consumes each and every product we sell on a daily basis. We talk from personal experience and understanding. We offer advice based on actual experience and outcomes rather than just reiterating what is said on the label. We live up to what we say. When you shop with ARMD, you can be confident that you're getting the greatest information and first-hand experience to support your fitness goals. Whether your objective is to gain muscle, shed pounds, improve your performance in a particular sport, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, the ARMD staff is ready to assist you.

Customers in Australia may now acquire the greatest supplements at the cheapest prices thanks to our new online store.

As a company that is continually expanding, ARMD is always seeking for new opportunities and innovative approaches to raise the bar on our level of client satisfaction and service. So pay attention. Much more is still to come!

Carlos Dott
Managing Director

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